How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Stadium?

With sporting events in demand in the United States, many people are in search of a venue to host their events. One of the most popular venues for sporting events is a stadium.

While there are many factors that go into pricing for renting out a stadium, it can range from $1,00,000 to upwards of $3 million.

Some stadiums charge higher fees because they offer additional amenities such as luxury suites and locker rooms.

Renting a stadium for your event can be an expensive endeavor. The cost of renting a smaller stadium can vary from place to place, but the average is around $1,00,000.

Larger stadiums are significantly more expensive at up to $3,000,000 per day. Renting all the necessary facilities that go along with the stadium may also come with additional costs.

These can include security, clean-up, and medical assistance.

For football fans, it’s a way to make a pilgrimage to the holy ground. For a city or business looking to promote tourism, it’s a way to put the area on the map.

But at what cost? The average cost of renting an American Football stadium is about $2,000,000.

The next question is, why?

While a lot of stadiums are expensive to rent, some can be cheaper. The most expensive stadiums in the league are the ones with the most revenue potential.

They are often located in the biggest cities in the country and have the potential for the largest crowds.

Conversely, the most expensive stadiums in the NBA are those in a smaller market or a stadium that is no longer being used.

These stadiums are often smaller than the average NBA stadium but have a more intimate feel to them. These are often the most sought-after stadiums in the league.

Can you rent a stadium?

In the age of social media, when just about anything goes viral, renting out a stadium is no longer an impossible dream. In fact, in this day and age, it is not only possible but common.

Whether you want to use a stadium for a one-off concert, a business conference, or a life-changing event such as a wedding, there are multiple ways to go about renting one.

What to look for before renting out a stadium?

First and foremost, you need to understand the laws involved.

Any contract that has been signed has to be reviewed by a lawyer and you may want to have the contract reviewed no matter how good the deal sounds.

It is very, very important to understand the legal implications of renting out a stadium.

Another important factor is to be sure that the stadium you choose is big enough to accommodate the audience you want to bring.

You need to have a list of every one of your personal contacts.

You can use email, your social media accounts, the phone book, and even your neighbor’s list. If you can’t get everyone on that list, then, it is going to be nearly impossible to rent out the stadium.

It doesn’t matter if you are renting a stadium for a wedding, a business conference, or a concert, there are numerous ways to go about it.

One of the simplest ways to rent a stadium is to go through a company that specializes in rental services.

Take into consideration before renting a stadium for an event

  • The typical cost of renting a stadium
  • Location choices
  • How many people can be seated
  • Event duration considerations
  • Parking availability
  • Specialized needs

The rent price of different stadium

StadiumRent Price (Estimated Cost)
Entire NFL stadiumaround $450,000
Yankee Stadium$100,107 for the entire season
MLB stadium$150K for a four-hour event
SoFi Stadium Suite$15,000-$45,000 depending on suite type and event
Dodger Stadium$25,000 for one night
Football Stadium$450,000 for one day

How much does it cost to rent a stadium for a concert

Many people are wondering how much it costs to rent a stadium for a concert.

When the idea of renting a stadium comes up, it is important to know that there are many variables that will be taken into consideration in order to determine the cost.

It is not as simple as paying the rent and the facilities required for this type of event, but there are many factors that come into play when looking at how much it will cost to rent a stadium.

Since the stadium’s capacity determines how many people can attend, this will dictate the size of the stage, which can also affect costs.

It is not uncommon for stadiums to create their own pricing structure, but typically they charge anywhere between $1,200,000-$2,500,000 for each day of use.

Many artists perform at stadiums for their events. This fee includes the cost of renting the stadium and hiring a production company for sound and lighting.

Renting a stadium has some negative sides

  • Stadiums are expensive
  • Stadiums are expensive to maintain
  • Stadiums can be costly to rent for a short period of time
  • Renting a stadium is more costly than renting an event space
  • Renting a stadium has many hidden costs that make it less appealing for smaller organizations and events


It may seem like renting a stadium is costly, but the opportunity to host an event will surely outweigh the cost.

An effective way to offset the cost of renting a stadium is to partner up with local businesses and organizations to fund your project. Sell tickets for a higher price and offer sponsorships and charge admission.

Instead of spending all your money on renting a stadium, invest in advertising and marketing beforehand.