How Much Does It Cost to Mail Using a Bubble Mailer: Easy Shipping

Knowing the mailing costs for bubble mailers is important for anyone who frequently sends or receives packages through the mail.

The average cost to mail a bubble mailer is around $0.50 to $50+, depending on the weight, dimensions, and shipping service selected. 

This is just an estimate, and prices may vary depending on the specific factors mentioned below. Let’s explore what we must know before using a bubble mailer.

What is Bubble Mailers(Types, Uses)

A bubble mailer is a type of padded envelope that has a layer of bubble wrap inside. The outer material can vary, but it is typically made of paper or plastic. The bubble wrap provides extra cushioning and protection to the contents of the mailer during shipping.

There are several different types of bubble mailers available, each designed for specific purposes. The most common types are:

Standard Bubble Mailers: These are the most commonly used bubble mailers, and they come in various sizes. They are typically made of paper or plastic and have a layer of bubble wrap inside.

Poly Bubble Mailers: These mailers are made of a plastic material that is more durable than paper. They are often used for heavier items or items that require extra protection during shipping.

Colored Bubble Mailers: These mailers come in various colors and are often used for promotional purposes or to add a personal touch to a package.

Bubble mailers are commonly used to ship delicate or fragile items such as electronics, jewelry, or small household items. They are also frequently used by e-commerce businesses for shipping products to customers. 

They provide a cost-effective and lightweight way to protect items during shipping and reduce the risk of damage or breakage.

Factors that affect the cost of a bubble mailer

  • Material: Bubble mailers are typically made from plastic or paper. Plastic bubble mailers are more durable and more expensive than paper bubble mailers.
  • Thickness: Bubble mailers come in different thicknesses. Thicker bubble mailers provide more protection for fragile items, but they are also more expensive.
  • Brand: There are many different brands of bubble mailers available. Some brands are more expensive than others.

Average Cost of Bubble Mailer

Bubble Mailer SizeDimensionsMaximum WeightAverage Cost
Small9×12 inchesUp to 1 pound$0.50
Medium10×13 inchesUp to 2 pounds$0.75
Large12×15 inchesUp to 3 pounds$1.00

Where and How to Get Free Bubble Mailers

  • Amazon: Amazon offers free bubble mailers with qualifying purchases. To see if you are eligible for free bubble mailers, add an eligible item to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you are eligible, you will see a message that says “Free Bubble Mailer” next to the item.
  • eBay: eBay offers free bubble mailers with qualifying purchases. To see if you are eligible for free bubble mailers, add an eligible item to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you are eligible, you will see a message that says “Free Shipping Supplies” next to the item.
  • Office supply stores: Some office supply stores, such as Staples and Office Depot, offer free bubble mailers. To get free bubble mailers from an office supply store, simply ask a store associate for assistance.
  • Shipping centers: Some shipping centers, such as The UPS Store and FedEx Office, offer free bubble mailers. To get free bubble mailers from a shipping center, simply ask a store associate for assistance.

Choosing the Right Size Bubble Mailer

The right size bubble mailer will depend on the size and shape of the item you are shipping. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a bubble mailer:

  • The size of the item. The bubble mailer should be at least 1 inch larger than the item in all directions. This will allow for some extra space to cushion the item and prevent it from getting crushed or damaged during shipping.
  • The shape of the item. If the item is irregularly shaped, you may need to choose a larger bubble mailer to accommodate its shape.
  • The weight of the item. The weight of the item will also affect the size of the bubble mailer you need. Heavier items will require a larger bubble mailer to prevent them from tearing.
  • The shipping method. The shipping method you choose will also affect the size of the bubble mailer you need. If you are shipping the item via USPS Priority Mail, for example, you will need to use a bubble mailer that is at least 12 inches long.

Here are some common bubble mailer sizes and their typical uses:

  • 4×6 bubble mailer: This size is typically used for small items such as jewelry, coins, or gift cards.
  • 6×9 bubble mailer: This size is typically used for medium-sized items such as books, DVDs, or CDs.
  • 9×12 bubble mailer: This size is typically used for larger items such as clothing, shoes, or home goods.
  • 10×15 bubble mailer: This size is typically used for very large items such as posters, artwork, or framed photos.

Mailing tips for any product using a bubble mailer

  • Pack the item tightly in the bubble mailer. Use packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or other materials to cushion the item. Make sure the item is completely immobilized and cannot move around in the mailer.
  • Seal the bubble mailer securely. Use strong tape to seal the bubble mailer. Be sure to seal all four sides of the mailer.
  • Mark the package as “FRAGILE.” This will alert the shipping carrier to handle the package with care.
  • Include the recipient’s address and shipping information. Be sure to include the correct address, as well as the recipient’s name and phone number. You should also include the weight and dimensions of your package.
  • Purchase insurance for your shipment. This will protect you in case your package is lost or damaged in transit.
  • Take your package to the post office or shipping center. The post office or shipping center will weigh your package and calculate the shipping cost. You can then pay for shipping and have your package mailed.
Shipping OptionDelivery SpeedVaries depending on the destinationStarting Price (Domestic)Starting Price (International)
USPS First Class1-3 business days (not guaranteed)Up to 15.99 oz$0.58$1.20
USPS Priority Mail1-3 business days (not guaranteed)Up to 70 lbs$7.16$28.60
USPS Priority Mail ExpressOvernight guaranteed deliveryUp to 70 lbs$25.50$45.95
FedEx Express Saver3 business daysUp to 50 lbs$11.95$45.20
UPS Ground1-5 business daysUp to 150 lbs$12.05N/A
DHL Express1-3 business daysUp to 70 lbs$34.19Varies depending on destination
Note: Prices may vary based on the origin and destination of the package, as well as other factors. It’s always a good idea to check the shipping provider’s website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

How to Save on Shipping Costs

  • Optimize your packaging. The lighter and smaller your package, the less it will cost to ship. Try to use the smallest possible bubble mailer that will still protect your item. You can also save money by using recycled packaging materials.
  • Compare carrier rates. Shipping rates can vary depending on the carrier, so it’s important to compare rates before you ship. You can use online shipping calculators to compare rates from different carriers.
  • Take advantage of discounts. Many carriers offer discounts for bulk shipping or for shipping during certain times of the year. You can also save money by shipping with a credit card that offers rewards points or cash back on shipping purchases.
  • Consider flat-rate shipping. Flat-rate shipping services offer a set price for shipping regardless of the weight or size of your package. This can be a good option for shipping small, lightweight items.
  • Use shipping software. Shipping software can help you automate the shipping process and track your shipments. This can save you time and money.
  • Print your shipping labels at home. You can save money by printing your shipping labels at home instead of paying for them at the post office or shipping store.

Customer Review

I search around the online forum, Reddit forum, Facebook group, and Twitter thread for customer reviews. I picked 3 reviews for better understanding before using the bubble mailer.

  • I recently shipped a bubble mailer with USPS Priority Mail, and it only cost me $7.16. I was surprised at how affordable it was!
  • I’ve been using bubble mailers to ship my handmade jewelry for years. They’re a great way to protect my products and keep shipping costs low.”
  • I recently had a problem with a bubble mailer that I shipped. The package was damaged in transit, and the contents were lost. I was very disappointed, but USPS was able to refund my shipping costs.

My Opinion on Bubble Mailer

In my experience, bubble mailers are a reliable way to protect items. I have never had an issue with an item being damaged while shipping in a bubble mailer. However, it is important to choose the right size bubble mailer for the item you are shipping.

If the bubble mailer is too small, the item may not be properly cushioned. If the bubble mailer is too large, the item may move around during shipping, which could cause damage.

Overall, I would recommend using bubble mailers to ship items that need some protection. They are a reliable and affordable option.


Is a bubble mailer an envelope or a package?

A bubble mailer is generally considered an envelope due to its flat and lightweight design. However, some shipping carriers may classify it as a package due to its padded interior.

What is the cheapest way to ship a bubble mailer?

The cheapest way to ship a bubble mailer is the USPS First Class Mail. This is usually the most cost-effective option for shipping small bubble mailers within the US, while USPS Priority Mail may be a better option for larger packages or international shipping.

How much does it cost to ship a padded mailer?

The cost to ship a padded mailer depends on its size, weight, and destination. For example, shipping a 4 oz. padded mailer via USPS First Class Mail within the US can cost as little as $2.99, while shipping a 16 oz. padded mailer via USPS Priority Mail can cost around $8.00.

Are bubble mailers cheaper to ship?

Yes, bubble mailers are cheaper to ship than traditional cardboard boxes because they are lighter and require less packing material.


If you follow these simple tips, you can save money and ensure that your package arrives safely and securely. So next time you need to mail a package, consider using a bubble mailer!

Do you have any experience mailing using bubble mailers? Share your opinion in the comments below! 

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